PROSPERO Combined Nitrogen/Air gas generator for GC


Combined Nitrogen/Air for GC

The PROSPERO generator is the only generator on the market that offers a 2-in-1 gas solution. Economical and safe, the generator allows you to combine high purity nitrogen and dry air to feed your GC-FID. This combination provides you with nitrogen for the carrier gas or make up and air for the FID detector. The PROSPERO generator is available with or without an integrated air compressor allowing you to be completely autonomous. There is also a variant, the Z.PROSPERO generator. It integrates a catalyst to guarantee a nitrogen without hydrocarbons in order to work in high sensitivity for the carrier gas or on certain specific detectors like the ECD.

Two Solutions in one ! Nitrogen/Air in one box

Thanks to its compact and innovative design, our PROSPERO generator combines two gases in one, high purity nitrogen and dry air. It allows you to save space in your laboratory by eliminating your high pressure gas cylinders. The PROSPERO combines safety and economy in your GC gas supply.

Benefits of PROSPERO generators

Intelligent User-friendly Color Touch Screen
All the parameters are accessible using an intelligent and intuitive touch screen. Start/stop the unit, check the outlet gas flow as well as its pressure, check running hours and service hours, schedule the production during the week…And a log book is available to check all the events.

The remote connection allows you to examine internal parameters and system performance in real time without opening the device. The goal is to quickly diagnose critical points to make service maintenance faster and more precise. As a result, downtime and travel costs are reduced.

The generator compressor is soundproofed, ensuring a minimum level of noise and vibrations. The generator can therefore be installed as close as possible to your analytical instrument.

Our generator has Energy Saving Technology (EST) which allows the compressor to stop according to the gas demand. There is therefore a reduction in energy consumption and an increase in the performance / longevity of the compressor.

All generator events are stored on an SD card for 30 days to back up your data.

This combined nitrogen/air PROSPERO generator allows you to make savings on a large scale since it combines two gases in one generator.

Choose the right models following your application

Standard or High Purity Gas Generators

GC-Make up & FID

The GC-Make up & FID application requires a standard quality of nitrogen and dry air. The PROSPERO nitrogen/air generator is the solution to meet your needs.

The GC-Gas carrier & ECD detector application requires the purest possible nitrogen quality with a very low oxygen and hydrocarbon content. The Z.PROSPERO nitrogen/air generator, integrating a catalytic module, is the solution that will meet your needs.

The GC-Make up & FID application requires a standard quality of nitrogen and dry air. The PROSPERO nitrogen/air generator is the solution to meet your needs.

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