Nitrogen supply for your CD spectrometer

Our range of TORNADO LITE & ZEPHYR gas generators provide high purity nitrogen, an ideal supply for CD analyses. Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy is one of the fundamental techniques in structural biology which allows the determination of the content of secondary structures of a protein. This is based on a differentiated absorption of light depending on whether it is right or left circularly polarized and allows working with a wide spectral range and at better intensity. In order to work, CD spectrometers need a high purity nitrogen supply. We therefore play an important role in the gas supply for these instruments.

F-DGSi is a French manufacturer of gas generators designed to meet all gas requirements. Our generators are state of the art in performance and have been tested and approved by each of the major instrument manufacturers to deliver optimum gas quality.

If you are looking for a gas generator you can rely on for CD application, look below!

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Haute pureté - Technologie PSA
  Circular Dichroism
High Flow - PSA Technology - Up to 255 NL/min
  Circular Dichroism, Food Packaging, Glove box, ICP, Laser cutting, LC-MS, NMR, Oil and gas, Pharmaceutical and laboratory, Sample evaporation, Wine making and brewling

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