The use of nitrogen and air as plasma gas for your MP-AES instrument

Specially designed for the MP-AES application, THEMISTO generators are the solution dedicated to the supply of nitrogen or nitrogen/air. MP-AES is a method of chemical analysis that consists of a microwave induced plasma interfaced to an atomic emission spectrophotometer (AES). The MP-AES systems employ microwave energy to produce a plasma discharge using nitrogen and air. So, we have an important role in gas supply for these Microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometers.

F-DGSi is a French manufacturer of gas generators designed to meet all gas requirements. Our generators are state-of-the-art in performance and have been tested and approved by each of the major instrument manufacturers to provide optimum gas quality.

If you are looking for a gas generator you can rely on for MP-AES application, take a look below!

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