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F-DGSi, French manufacturer, is the world leader in the innovation of gas generators (Hydrogen gas generator, Nitrogen gas generator and Zero Air gas generator) meeting the needs of different analytical instruments such as LC-MS, GC, GC-MS and other applications used in laboratories around the world.

Our high quality products, combined with French creativity and design, allow you to lower your operating costs, reduce environmental impact and eliminate the inconvenience of bottled gas supply.

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We offer a wide range of gas generators to meet the requirements of laboratory and industrial analysis equipment. 

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State-of-the-art CALYPSO Nitrogen Generators for LC-MS (MS)

Any LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) requires a reliable source of Nitrogen gas and to meet the specific market demands, F-DGSi’s very first gas generator that was manufactured was a Nitrogen generator. With more than 15 years of experience, our CALYPSO range has become the benchmark. Thanks to the robust architecture and stable operation helping the various manufacturers LC-MS to run continuously 24/7.

CALYPSO gas generators are available in two technologies: PSA and membrane. These nitrogen gas generators utilize advanced technology to ensure reliable and continuous nitrogen gas generation, thus meeting the strictest requirements for purity and sensitivity. With flow rates of up to 70 L/min, purities of up to 99.5%, and pressures of up to 8 bar (116 psi), CALYPSO offers unmatched performance and versatility.


Why a gas generator? The benefits of gas generator?

Provide your laboratory with a reliable and easy-to-use gas solution on demand. A gas generator is the practical and economical alternative to pressurized gas cylinders, dewars or bulk storage of laboratory gases. A gas generator provides on-demand gas at the push of a button to meet your needs instantly and efficiently, but not only that, there are also these benefits:



No cylinder changes


The gas purity is constant - no need to add extra gas filters


No gas contract administration, low and stable ongoing gas cost


Removes the risk of leaks, need for long gas lines from cylinders


Can be located either on the bench or on the floor next to your GC instrument


No repeated gas deliveries, energy efficient

About F-DGSi

The only French manufacturer that designs, develops and builds gas generators for labs, processes and industries.

F-DGSi is a French company, recognized worldwide, which develops and produces gas generators (Hydrogen, Air Zero, Nitrogen) robust and solid adapting to the needs of laboratories and industries. Our reputed high quality products meet the various global analysis instruments such as LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry), GC (Gas Chromatography), ELSD (Evaporative Light Scattering Detection), FT-IR (Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy), TOC (Total Organic Carbon Analyzer) and other applications.
With a French know-how of more than 15 years, we design our generators 100% in-house to guarantee a total control of our products. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable gas generators incorporating the latest technologies available on the market with unique characteristics. Our primary objective is to continuously improve our products and the services we offer to our customers, just like our credo: always one step ahead of the competition.

Remote access

Time Optimization with Remote Support F-DGSi

Remote support enables our service teams to remotely inspect your gas generator in real time. All you need to do is connect your gas generator to a computer via USB. Ensuring an uninterrupted gas supply to your laboratory is our top priority. Downtime can be reduced very quickly. What’s more, by using remote technology, we aim to reduce unplanned visits to your facility and minimize disruption to your workflow.


Ensure Gas Safety with F-DGSi Gas Generators

Faced with a persistent shortage of helium, it’s imperative to quickly find alternative solutions in your laboratory. Have you considered using hydrogen and nitrogen as alternatives to helium for your GC and LC-MS? You should!

An F-DGSi gas generator represents a safer, more convenient and cost-effective solution for your laboratory, with features such as audible and visual alarms, pressure monitoring, automatic shutdown and automatic leak checks.

Service Plans & Services

Different services and service contracts to secure you!

F-DGSi provides you with services for the maintenance, repair and validation of your gas generators. A service plan for your F-DGSi gas generator should not be seen as just an option, it should be treated as a necessity.

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