Liquid Nitrogen Generator for laboratories and medical


Liquid Nitrogen for laboratories and medical

The CRYOGEN system is a liquid nitrogen generator which allows you to produce, on demand, your own cryogenic. Liquid nitrogen is a refrigerated liquefied gas with a boiling point of -196°C (-321°F). It is used for many applications where very low temperatures or large temperature reduction is required. Eliminate the cost of buying liquid nitrogen and the hassle of waiting for deliveries.

The most advanced technology for
on site Liquid Nitrogen production

Our CRYOGEN units produce high quality liquid nitrogen (LN2) on site from ambient air. Our own PSA technology separates N2 from O2. The nitrogen gas produced is then cooled until it liquefies. It can then be distilled. The liquid nitrogen is transported in a container called a dewar. This vessel is fully insulated. The system can deliver from 10 L/day up to 60 L/day to meet the needs of most applications requiring LN2. Simply connect the unit to a power supply and the system is ready to deliver liquid nitrogen cooled to -196°C (-321°F) at the touch of a button.

F-DGSi provides you with reliable, fully automated, all-in-one technology including: our PSA technology, a liquefaction system with air or water cooling, and easy-to-handle external dispensing. The generator is controlled using an HMI touch screen to display the process in real time, the dewar liquid level and the nitrogen production generated.

8 Good reasons to choose
F-DGSi Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Built-in oxygen analyser with alarm
Routinely, CryoGen units supply LN2 at 99% purity (02 < 1%) checked automatically by an O2 sensor connected to an alarm.
CryoGen units are remotely controllable via USB cable for a laptop connected to the internet or via a direct internet connection if available as an option. It allows us or users to check all the parameters, archive the log book and get information by email directly.

As soon as the internal tanks is full, the users just have to use a valve connected to a hose to fill external dewars. The valve and hose could be inside the cabinet or outside as an option.

All the parameters are accessible using an intelligent and intuitive touch screen. Start/stop the unit, check LN2 level in the internal tank, check running hours and service hours, schedule the production during the week…And a log book is available to check all the events.

Having such units on board allow users to get access to LN2 when they want and use what they really need for their applications.

When the system is not producing, we use our Energy Saving Mode technology to put the system in economy mode to save consumption, save running hours and extend preventive maintenance.

Low and High LN2 levels in the internal tank are set up by the user and automatically controlled.

Getting a CryoGen unit allows you to be independent from gas suppliers, from truck deliveries and be more secure as you can install the unit much closer to your needs.

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