Gas supply for GCxGC instruments

The GCXGC (GC-2D) or comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography is an analysis technique which aims to separate volatile compounds which is done through two capillary columns, placed one to the other. following each other in the oven (s) of a chromatography apparatus, and coupled through a modulation system. In order to work, GC-2D systems needs a nitrogen supply or a nitrogen/air supply. The use of liquid nitrogen is also possible.

So, we have an important role in gas supply for them.

F-DGSi is a French manufacturer of gas generators designed to meet all gas requirements. Our generators are state-of-the-art in performance and have been tested and approved by each of the major instrument manufacturers to provide optimum gas quality. If you are looking for a gas generator that you can rely on for GC-2D application, look below!

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