Europe Biobank Week Congress
Europe Biobank Week Congress
14th - 17th May
Vienna, Austria
About Europe Biobank Week Congress

Explore On-Site Liquid Nitrogen Generation for Biobanking at Europe Biobank Week!

Join us at the upcoming Europe Biobank Week in Vienna, Austria where the biobanking experts will highlight global biobanking innovations and research. One of the innovations shown is the solution to produce on-site liquid nitrogen with the CRYOGEN series of F-DGSi.

Liquid nitrogen serves as a crucial element in biobanking, playing an indispensable role in preserving biological samples. As the lifeblood of biobanking operations, this ultra-cold substance ensures the long-term viability and integrity of diverse biological materials, from cells and tissues to DNA and proteins. The use of Liquid Nitrogen enables to maintain samples at ultra-low temperatures, typically around -196°C, and effectively halts biological activity.
Traditionally, the procurement of liquid nitrogen has presented logistical challenges and financial burdens with conventional cylinders or Dewars. The CRYOGEN series aims to address these issues by offering a liquid nitrogen generator that operates on-site, directly from ambient air. 

Visit the F-DGSi booth #43 to talk to our experts and experience the latest in our on-site liquid nitrogen generation. From generating 10 L/day up to 240 L/day, our CRYOGEN offers you a seamless solution tailored to your biobanking needs. Simply connect the unit to a power supply and the system is ready to deliver liquid nitrogen cooled to -196°C (-321°F) at the touch of a button.  

The Europe Biobank Week presents an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest advancements within the global biobanking community. Listen to presentations on Strengthening Biobanks and Biorepositories, engage in discussions & workshops and meet with biobanking suppliers such as F-DGSi.  

Event Details: 

🗓️ Dates: May 14 – 17, 2024   
📍Location: Hofburg Vienna.

Mark your calendar to join F-DGSi at the Europe Biobank week and explore liquid nitrogen generation for your biobanking needs.

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