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F-DGSi at a glance

Thanks to our constant products innovation and capability to respond to the market need, for many years now F-DGSi is considered the specialist in the gas generators business.
Our Number One objective of a continuous enhancement of the services provided to the Customers is at the image of our aphorism of always being: ONE STEP AHEAD of the competition.

Through years of experience F-DGSi has gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of laboratory applications. Our highly trained people are used to give expert technical advice and offer the best solution to the customer's needs.

F-DGSi company offers a complete range of gas generators and accessories, fulfilling the requirements of all laboratory analyzers such as:LCMS, GC, ICP, DEDL, IRTF, TOC, NMR, AA, electronic Noise, Rheology, Particle sizing by laser diffraction, DSC, Sample prep Autosamplers... etc

Whatever are your needs, our generators enable you to produce Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Zero air with purities higher than 99,9999% and offer superb technical performances.

The flows of the nitrogen generators are unlimited, making it possible to supply several analytical instruments or a complete laboratory.

The air or nitrogen generators can be equipped with quiet compressors, which makes them completely autonomous and usable in places where the air network is not available.

They offer to you comfort, reliability, economy, safety within the framework of the use of gas of laboratory.

These products are manufactured in Europe and are protected by patents which are the result of years of research carried out by the engineers in collaboration with the best university centers.

Our World Class Service and Support

Every facet of our organization is driven by a single goal "customer satisfaction". Service is the essence of our business.
Our dedicated customer support team is committed to providing the highest levels of information and advice available.

Our generators are distributed in all parts of the world 

Spare parts are in stock for fast supply

Our technical personnel is trained and qualified for prompt resolution of possible systems outages

Our Commitments

F-DGSi Figures in brief

Since the launch of our product range "Alliance" in March 2012,
we equipped our customers with more than:

500 H2 Gas Generators,
300 N2 Generators,
100 Zero Air gaz Generators,
100 Air Dryer

Almost 1200 customers are already working with us
200 customers all around the globe
1000 customers in France

100% Comfort and reliability between our customers and us!
Lots of our customers take the service contracts up to 3 years ahead.
On a scheduled basis, our maintenance engineers come to your site to make a check-up of your installation.
Our hot line service remains available any time to solve your technical issue on the phone first to make sure your work station restarts quickly.
According to your need, a technical expert visits your lab within 48-72 hours maximum during working days.

F-DGSi annual sales keep increasing steadily
Since 2009, F-DGSi annual sales has an average increase of 25%.
Thanks to our constant products innovation and capability to respond to the market need, for many years now F-DGSi is considered the specialist in the gas generators business.
The In-house Credit Assessment System (ICAS) 'La Banque de France' granted to our company the excellent rating of G3+ putting F-DGSi at the top level of very solid companies and thus financially healthy.

ISO 9001 - F-DGSi Quality management systems

Our primary goal as an engineering corporation is to offer our clients and partners total satisfaction by understanding their present and future needs and striving to anticipate what they expect from a gas system.
Therefore both our ambitions and our interests, which encourage us to produce quality products and services, require a more rigorous approach to the forms our actions take.
With a view to achieving this goal, F-DGSi has launched the procedure for certification according to international standard ISO 9001-2008.

Today F-DGS is doing everything necessary to reach the following objectives:

Position the client at the heart of our corporation’s concerns.
Improve the quality of our products and services in a continuing and sustainable manner through the commitment of all.
Develop the skills of our employees.
Improve the organization and performance of the corporation.

With the aim of continually improving the quality of its services, F-DGSi undertakes to preserve the environment and safety of all those who work for the corporation.
By recalling the importance of satisfying clients’ demands and meeting regulatory and legal requirements, our employees makes a commitment to this quality approach, in a spirit of teamwork and mutual respect that reflects their open-mindedness and innovation.

To view and download our customer satisfaction survey, which can be emailed, faxed or posted back to F-DGSi :
Click here : F-DGSi customer Satisfaction Survey Form

Should you require any additional information about our quality and compliance systems or company policies, please contact our Quality Department by e-mail:

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