Combined Hydrogen/Air Generators


The safer and convenient alternative to helium for GC carrier gas and FID detector.

To ensure reliable GC-FID and GC-MS analytical results, a high quality hydrogen and zero air supply is essential. F-DGSi offers the widest range of combined hydrogen/zero air rack generators, with different purities depending on the sensitivity required for your analyses. If you want to improve your laboratory with our combined hydrogen and zero air supply, contact us today or check out our wide range of Rack combined hydrogen/zero air generators.

What is a hydrogen/air generator and how it works?

Combined Hydrogen/zero air generators are a safe and convenient alternative and are generally a more cost-effective solution to the use of high-pressure H2 and Synthetic air cylinders. Unlike cylinders, combined hydrogen/zero air generators offer consistent purity for more reliable results, eliminating the risk of contamination when changing cylinders. Hydrogen is produced using distilled or deionized water < 0.1 μS from hydrolysis, through a polymeric ion exchange membrane. Electrolytic dissociation separates the water into its two main components: hydrogen ready for analysis, and oxygen that is released into the ambient air. The hydrogen produced is dried using different technologies, adsorption drying with automatic regeneration on two cartridges and Permapure drying. Depending on the hydrogen drying technology, the purity of the gas obtained will be different. The Zero Air Generator is designed to receive compressed air from an internal or external compressor. The oil-free compressor delivers air through a high efficiency coalescing inlet filter to trap moisture that could damage the system. The air exiting the filter enters a high-temperature platinum catalyst that oxidizes hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to < 0.05 ppm. This reduces the background noise and increases the sensitivity of your analyses. Then, an output particle filter is used to prevent any type of particles from entering the analytical instrument.

Benefits of a hydrogen/air generator against gas cylinders

For added safety, our gas generators store very little hydrogen and zero air internally. Hydrogen and zero air are produced at low pressure unlike traditional gas cylinders. Hydrogen generators have become the preferred method of using hydrogen in the laboratory because they are safer and less bulky, less dangerous than gas cylinders. By simple electrolysis of water, our hydrogen generators will deliver, on demand, a quality of high purity gas that your applications need such as the supply of detectors and GC carrier gases. Once installed, a hydrogen generator will provide hydrogen with constant purity 24 hours a day. A combined hydrogen/zero air generator avoids any breakdown of analyzes compared to the gas cylinders which will have to be ordered and replaced and eliminates the risk of variation in the quality of the gas. In fact, when changing cylinders, contaminants can enter the gas lines, affecting the analysis results.
Our gas generators work continuously to deliver hdyrogen and zero air at all times, eliminating the risk of running out of gas during your analysis. Don’t waste time ordering, receiving, storing and changing cylinders! Concentrate on what is really important for the laboratory, i.e. the analysis. Also, this two gases solution in one box allow you to save space in your lab.

The F-DGSi range


If you’re looking for a hydrogen/zero air generator you can rely on for gas chromatography (GC), look below!

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