F-DGSi, leader in the manufacture and sale of gas generators

Founded in 2006 in Evry, France, where its headquarters and research and development center is based, F-DGSi is a family-owned, dynamic and innovative company in the gas generator sector, the benchmark in design, manufacture and technical assistance in gas generators for many years.
F-DGSi has a Global presence in the market with 1000’s of installations.

F-DGSi offers a complete range of gas generators (Hydrogen, Zero Air, Nitrogen) and accessories that meet the needs of all laboratory analyzers, including gas chromatography (GC / GCMS) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), with exclusive features.

Our primary objective is to continuously improve the services we offer our clients, just like our credo: always one step ahead of the competition.

Our asset: service is at the heart of our business, and we have you covered across the world .

Thanks to our years of experience, F-DGSi has an extensive knowledge of laboratories and their applications. Our highly qualified staff provides expert technical advice to our customers and offers them the best possible solution according to their needs.

All facets of our organization have for common goal the customers satisfaction. Our technical support provides our clients with highly specialized information and advice more than 50 countries around the world thanks to our dedicated service personnel and our wide distributors network.

List of our main customers

F-DGSi, a strong history

2006 Creation of F-DGSi in “Les Ulis”, France
2010 New Alliance range Hydrogen Generator were launched with remote connections and compact size to meet market needs of Europe
2011 Started Exporting, Promoting, Branding of F-DGSi products with our first foreign customers from Dubai & India

Expansion of our F-DGSi office in Evry, France after repeated trust gained from worldwide customers

2012 Launched with new design of Alliance Nitrogen series for Worldwide customers at PITTCON, Florida (USA)
2013 Launched the complete range of F-DGSi machines in the Middle East
2014 On 16 Dec 2014, we expanded our factory division & called it IGSM (Innovative Gas System Manufacturing)

Received the G3 + rating from the Bank of France in 2014 which makes F-DGSi, the most secure company in the eyes of worlwide customers

PM’up award in 2014 April: 250,000 US Dollars were awarded by the Government of France for our past promising Innovation in products and to develop sales Internationally

Export and Innovation award by Regional council of Ile de France in 2014 for exceptional performance overseas

2015 We started growing F-DGSi sales in South Africa with our network of performance
2016 F-DGSi organized go-karting team builiding activity on completing 10 year’s of successful lab gas manufacturing business
2018 Appointed APAC Director & SEA Director for OEM support plus better growth opportunities for F-DGSi

F-DGSi started its direct service team to support India, Middle East and South East Asia countries

Already with 5 FSE in the US market F-DGSi Inc was opened in Jan 2018 in Boston to show local presence in the US

The values ​​of F-DGSi
Know-how, a passion we share
Customer satisfaction is a top priority
Innovation is part of our DNA
Quality, a commitment that continues
Design, because performance is not enough
Security: an affair of all