Our Commitments

Social commitment within the company


As an environmental and socially responsible company, we continue our efforts to reduce long journeys in favor of videoconference and, as far as possible, use train travel as an alternative to cars or airplanes. Founded and now made up of more than 60% of women, our company cultivates a pleasant and respectful work environment, adapting its work schedules according to the family requirements of each one.

Social commitment to youth training


In June 2015, in France, more than 800,000 jobseekers, all categories were under 25 years of age. We are commited to helping young people by offering apprenticeships which provide therm with skills and experience they need to move into the world of work.

Commitment to Schools or University Sites


Our company has realized a project of cooperation with the University of Orsay on the use of the H2 in carrier gas on a GCMS. This commitment was characterized by the loan of a number of gas generators to a university laboratory. The products were used in experiments conducted by Master students and the performance of our products were directly related to the results of the experiments which were the subject of scientific publications in specialized magazines.

Commitment to customer satisfaction


All the facets of our organization have one common goal the “Customers Satisfaction “.
Service is at the heart of our business.
Our world-class technical support provides our customers with highly specialized information and advice with a fast resolution to each service case. Extensive experience to provide our customers with reliable gas production solutions:
– Customers choose F-DGSi as a partner for their gas analysis systems because, to put it simply, we know the laboratories well.
– With years of experience, F-DGSi has extensive knowledge of laboratories and their work.
– Our highly qualified staff provides technical expert advice to our customers and offers them the best possible solution according to their needs.

Economic and Ecological Policy


Our goal is deliver the economic and environmental benefits of our gas generators solutions in place of gas cylinders to our customers.

Indeed, our generators reduce the costs associated with regular bottled supplies; but they also highlight the environmental linked to the substitution of gas cylinders by our products.
F-DGS is an eco-responsible company commited to our strategy of sustainable development by reducing you carbon footprint.