Gold Service, a customer service of excellence

By investing in a F-DGSi gas generator, you buy more than just a generator and start a long partnership with F-DGSi.

F-DGSi is proud to offer a very high quality customer service, wherever your laboratory is located.

The F-DGSi “Gold Service” after-sales service not only keeps your generators in good working order, it also guarantees outstanding performance throughout their life cycle.

With “Gold Service”, you are entitled to an annual review of all your devices and priority access to the services of certified engineers capable of immediate repair 9 times out of 10 and within 48 hours.

In case of malfunction of your generator, F-DGSi is never far away. Thanks to our network of authorized distributors deployed in more than 50 countries, we can very quickly intervene in your laboratory so that you can resume your activities as soon as possible.

With priority on-site repairs and scheduled scheduled maintenance to your liking, our Gold Service 48H contract helps you reduce interruptions in lab operations and improve efficiency and productivity. without any hidden or unforeseen costs.

The Benefits

The “GOLD SERVICE” service contracts of F-DGSi offer you:

Peace of mind

• Prompt on-site intervention guaranteed within 48 hours
• Original F-DGSi parts with a 15% discount
• F-DGSi service engineers able to solve 98% of problems from the first visit
• Access to the full history of interventions
• Your equipment is integrated in our database. It is thus checked every year on the same date

Reduced downtime

• One preventive maintenance visit per year, planned in advance at a convenient time to reduce the risk of breakdowns and downtime scheduled
• Priority customer status for all calls concerning curative repairs with intervention in 48 hours maximum
• 24-hour priority access to the hotline support team for remote troubleshooting
• A program of upgrading and technical improvement to increase the life and performance of the devices

Cost control

• Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and control the cost of use over the life of the gas system
• No additional fees for callouts, travel, labor and required parts
• 15% discount on all the preventive parts included in the contract
• A reduction in maintenance hourly costs
• Improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption costs
• Integral management of service call, freeing up valuable time for your team
• Different payment methods