ISO 9001
Our primary goal as an engineering company is to provide total satisfaction to our customers and our partners by understanding their present and future needs and striving to meet their expectations.
Thus, our ambition and our interests, which require us to make products and services of quality, require on our part rigorous attention to detail. In order to realize our objective, F-DGSi is committed to the certification process according to the ISO 9001-2008 international standard.


The company F-DGSi is today doing everything possible to achieve the following objectives:


• Place the customer at the heart of the company’s concerns.
• Continuously and sustainably improve the quality of its products and services through the involvement of all.
• Develop the skills of its staff.
• Improve the organization and performance of the company.


In a spirit of continuous improvement in the quality of its services, F-DGSi is committed to respecting the environment and the safety of its employees.
With our customer’s requirements and the regulatory and legal requirements foremost in our minds, all employees are involved in this quality approach, and work together with the spirit of teamwork and mutual respect, and being open and innovative.

Click here to access our Quality Manual which specifies the commitment of F-DGSi in this field, notably through its procedures.

For more information about our Quality and Compliance System or the General Quality Policy of the company, please contact our Quality Department: info@f-dgs.com


All F-DGSi laboratory gas generators are manufactured and tested in accordance with EC directives.

All our products comply with current EN 61326-1 (EMC) and EN 61010-1 (LVD) standards for electrical and electromagnetic laboratory equipment.
The law imposes a CE marking on products sold in the European Union.
This marking ensures full compliance of all our products with all European regulations and directives.


The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive 2002/95 / EC aims to reduce the use of certain hazardous materials for a certain range of products, mainly in the electrical and electronic sectors.

F-DGSi has put in place all controls reasonably required to ensure that our products comply with the principles and obligations of this directive.