The bank of France
The Bank of France, by its status of ICAS (internal credit assessment system), grants to us every year the G3 + rating, excellent rating that recognizes F-DGSi as a solid and financially sound company.


We had the honor of receiving a grant awarded by the regional council of Ile de France in April 2014

We proud to have received this award in recognition of our efforts.

We were selected for the viability of our company, for the relevance of our strategy, for our potential for job creation, for our international development potential, and for our innovation in the development of our products.

Help PM’up: 211,000 euros over three years.


The boss’s opinion:

PM’up’s financial award helps us to finance our international development and to help commercialize our innovations. In this sense, it is a unique help ! We are proud to have been selected and recognized as an innovative company.